Z4 Motor

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Z4 Motor

Technical data at a glance:

Power range: 1.5-600 kW

Rated armature voltage:220-660V

Shaft height:100 to 450 mm

speed:Up to 4000 rpm

Protection level:IP21S, IP23, IP44 and IP54

structure type:IM B3, IM B35, IM V1, etc.

Cooling type:IC06 / IC17 / IC37 / IC W37 A86

Stator design:Full lamination

Standards compliant:IEC, DIN, GB


Customer benefits:

· Premium quality Z4 DC machine

· High power density and small size

· Adopt VPI vacuum pressure dipping paint class F insulation system, can withstand short-term overload operation

· Low loss through high efficiency

· Using an optimized current circulation system to achieve a long brush life


Typical application:

· Copper wire drawing machine for small metallurgy industry

· Extruders and small mixers in the rubber and plastics industry

· Stainless steel rolling mill

· Shearing machine for paper industry

· Auxiliary motors in large metallurgical industry