R6 continuous casting machine

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  • R6 continuous casting machine

R6 Continuous Casting Machine

Design according ITALY technology,Italy CCM OEM factory.

Biggest CCM factory1000workers in china.. R9 meter 2 strdans Iran project : Mr. Nouri bought 2016 years.(we can show you factory name if you are really buyer) Accept KUNLUN bank payment.

We have many other R8m R6 meter ,R4 meter CCM project in iran .

We also have 20ton furnace, 30ton ,50tonfurnace,5ton furnace project in Iran.


Ⅰ. Technical data

1.       CCM

Casting radius: R6m

Billet specification: 100*100,125*125,130*130, 150*150mm

Strand number: strands 2 strands

Dummy bar: rigid dummy bar

Ladle support: Ladle Rotor Tower/Ladle moving car

Cutting way: automatic hydraulic cutting machines/Flame cutting machine

Electrical system: SIEMENS/DELTA Transducer, SIEMENS/DELTA PLC, SCHNEIDER contactors . PLC automatic controlling

Steel grader Q215,Q235,20MnSi,45# and so on or CK45, CK60, MO 40, ST 32 and ST 55.

Billets Size: 6-12m

Pusher-type: hydraulic pressure system ,Mechanical car type.

2. Water system

a. Mould cooling water

Influent pressure: P≥0.9Mpfa

Influent temperature: ≤35℃

Influent effluent temperature difference: 6-10℃


Water total hardness: ≤150mg/L

Flow: ≥240Nm3/h


b. Secondary cooling water


Hydraulic: P≥0.6Mpa

Impurity particle size: ≤0.2mm

Flow: ≥80Nm3/h


c. Machinery cooling water

Hydraulic: P≥0.6MPa

Impurity particle size: ≤0.5mm

Flow: ≥40Nm3/h


3. Gas System


a.       Oxygen 

Pressure: P≥0.9Mpa

Purity: ≥99.5%

Flow: ≥4Nm3/min


b.       Gas

Pressure: P ≥0.3MPa

Combustion value: ≥93700KJ/m3

Flow: ≥1.5Nm3/min


c.       Compressed air

Pressure: P ≥0.5MPa

Flow: Q≥5Nm3/min


Withdrawal straightening machine

Power: 11KW/set

Rated revolution: 1500/min

Billet withdrawing force(max): 11000N

Straightening force (max): 220000N

Tension speed range: 0.3-3.0m/min

Dummy bar speed (max): 3.99m/min


4. Central hydraulic station

System pressure: P≥8.0MPa

System flow: Q=37.5L/min



Ⅱ. Supply cope

1. On-line equipment list