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Large Z DC Motor

The Z series large DC motor is a new product developed by our company. The new design has the characteristics of large output power, low noise, small vibration, high efficiency, high reliability, and good safety performance.
Power range:1250-2500 kw,2000kw-10000kw,10mw-50mw-100mw.
Rated armature voltage: 660, 750, 850, 950, 1000V
Axis height:810 to 1000mm
speed:Up to 1000 rpm


Protection class:IP23, IP44 and IP54
structure type:IM 1001
Cooling type:IC17 / IC37 / IC W37 A86
Stator design:Silicon steel sheet lamination
Standards compliant:IEC, DIN, GB
Brief description of Z type DC machine
Customer benefits
Large output power, large torque and adjustable speed
· VPI vacuum pressure immersion period F-class insulation system can withstand short-term overload operation
Low losses through high efficiency
· Optimized current circulation system achieves long brush life
· Heater inside the motor
Protective doors on both sides of the commutator
Grounding brushes on the shaft
Typical application
· Cold and hot rolling mills for large metallurgical industries
· Large-scale mixer in rubber and plastic industry
· Coal mill for mining industry
· Hydropower winches
· Large blower