Large Vertical Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor

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  • Large Vertical Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor

Large Vertical Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor


Power : 100HP-1000HP; 1200HP-5000HP,10MW-100MW.

YLKST710 -2000 large vertical large thrust three-phase asynchronous motor

YL YLB series 6KV, 10kV medium and large high-voltage vertical three-phase asynchronous motors (hereinafter referred to as motors)

YLB series is a three-phase squirrel-cage asynchronous motor designed for driving deep well pumps.

YLB series motors have the advantages of high efficiency, high torque, low noise, low vibration, low temperature rise, large axial force, reliable structure and easy maintenance. The motor meets the IEC standard.

Based on the customer's feedback and foreign experience, based on the unified design of this series of motors, the company's electromagnetic performance, overload protection, damp heat protection, anti-reverse structure, protection requirements, insulation dipping process, appearance and other design Manufacturing has been improved.

YLB series motors are matched with long-axis water pumps, suitable for industrial and mining enterprises in cities and rural areas to draw groundwater. The protection grades of motors are IP23, IP54 and IP55.

The company also produces various types of power plants used in special conditions, plateaus, high-thrust frequency conversion speed control special series of deep well motors and products with different voltages, frequencies, insulation levels and damp heat (TH) applications under 10kv. And the protection function of the motor can be added according to the actual use conditions of the customer, if the customer has other special requirements