Industrial grade pumping motor

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  • Industrial grade pumping motor

Industrial Grade Pumping Motor


Versatility - Broad range in materials of construction for ideal fluid compatibility

Environmentally Sound - Bolted construction for leak-free fluid handling and ribless fluid caps to eliminate cracking

Serviceability - Easier service through modular design 




Water, Chemicals


Electrical driven


Industrial grade double-diaphragm


Transfer, process, circulation, discharge, dewatering, washing, for HPLC systems, high-temperature, flow control, cleaning, conveying, suction, medium-pressure, for reactor discharge, filling, for HPLC, soft-start, control, for emulsions, loading, refueling, unloading, mixing, for containers, for hazardous locations, chemical process, transport, treatment, mobile, volumetric dispensing, recirculation, for industrial applications, proportional dosage, unloader, recycling, for harsh environments, greasing, distribution

Fluid specification

Used for viscous fluids, for aggressive media, for abrasive fluids, for high-viscosity fluids, for corrosive fluids, for low-viscosity fluids, for hazardous fluids, toxic fluids, for flammable fluids, for heavy fluids


Constant speed can be changed manually, high-performance, harsh environments, High-flow, low-vibration, remote control, corrosion-resistant, suction, high-efficiency, skid-mounted, medium-sized, medium-capacity, non-metal, for packaging machines, HPLC system, high-reliability electronic, multi-function control, with electronic control, small-size, self-adjusting, stand-alone, single circuit, transportable, modular, OEM, high-flow, with digital control, computer-controlled, waterproof, needle valve, dry, with pressure controller, multiple-output, seal-less, small, heavy-duty, multi-circuit, ball valve, industrial pump, 


Max: 220.381 psi

Min: 130.008 psi