Induction smelting furnace

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  • Induction smelting furnace

Induction Smelting Furnace

1. Model number:GW-2-1500/0.5JJ smelting industrial furnace
rated capacity of furnace 2t,rated power of medium frequency supply 1500KW。
2. Complete set supply range:
Furnace body 2set,furnace tilting device2set,water cooling cable (4.5m) 8set, medium frequency supply cabinet 1set, capacitor cabinet (open type) 1set, low voltage control cabinet 1set, water bank of furnace body 1set, water bank of supply source 1set, water bank of capacitor cabinet 1set, Dumping furnace transmission 1set, crucible mold 1set.
Spare parts of equipment: master control board 1piece, KK tube 1piece、KP tube 1piece.


3. Technical specification:3-phase incoming voltage of medium frequency supply source 690V, output voltage of medium frequency supply 1250V. Rated power 1500KW. Furance body inside diameter Φ1500,height 1640. inductor inner diameter Φ880, pillar height1300.
4. Fit out components:silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR) for KP tube 1500A/2200V ;KK tube 2000A/1800V (connecting in series-parallel). Breaker of the low voltage control cabinet 1000V/2500A. Capacity of compensate capacitor 18000kilovar.
5. Furnace tilting type: reducer drive, 531 reducer drive, trustiness, facility.
6. Master control board:The control circuit used one single master control board, it designed to be whole, and reduced connecting line greatly, fixed reliability, so avoided safe failure. This control circuit board is high degree of integration, the αangle automatic adjusted especially, that let power output of the equipment always was on constant condition, and electric power can be saved over 3% in comparison with same kind product. Safe start-up and automatic frequency-sweep.
7.Customer service: Free debugging (at home), all the costs of engineers at abroad for return air tickets, accommodation and meals, will be borne by the buyer. For the management debugging ,the buyer shall compensate the USD per day .