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High Voltage Industrial Motor


Meeting your High Industrial Standards

This industrial machine is designed to meet all types of industrial standards demanded by all key industries worldwide. This machine comes at different speeds requiring upon your usage. The power of this machine highly depends upon the speed of the motor, and it does not come with a self-starting motor. It is a type of motor in which the rotor moves at a constant pace, and a direct current in the pole field winding on the machine will allow the rotor to produce a magnetic field moving and routing at a rotor speed. 

The Power Factor

This high-quality industrial motor focuses on applications like moving heavy loads of raw materials from one place to another at places like cement industry, mining, chemical, construction, and other related places. This motor is designed for voltage at up to 13800V. The most important feature industry owners buy this machine in a large quantity is because its low maintenance cost for operating. It comes with a modular design with welded and flexible hosing. It also comes with all the protection features like cooling and mounting under all types of environments. 

Further Advantages of Our Machine

Our machine is made using only the finest quality materials to provide more durability and reliability under all types of hazardous environmental conditions. Some of the common advantages you will get from our motor are

• It comes with a high load lifting capacity

• It has a much longer service life span

• Low cost of operating and maintenance

• It can be used in almost all types of hazardous environmental conditions 

• Can be customized upon n order from the customer

• It is also available in squirrel cage

• Available in all types of cooling a mounting classes

Well Tested 

We have tested our motors at China machine testing fields. The test is all well documented according to the current standards. Some of the tests include

• Vibration test

• Voltage test

• Heating measurement test

• Impulse test

• Polarization test