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Electric Furnace

Shanghai Electrical Machinery Group Co., Limited (SEMC) is a reliable and professional electric furnace supplier in China. We give the latest metallurgical equipment allowing us to provide our customers with the best service.

The present monetary patterns have changed, several compelling organizations and people to scale back or redesign their benefits so as to meet their primary objectives. We give adaptable start to end-to-end solutions that help people to achieve their goals. We utilize imaginative procedures and sharp business keenness, and the ideal assistance at a moderate cost of Industrial electric Furnace.


An electric furnace is a heating chamber using electricity as the source of heat to achieve high temperatures to alloy and melt metals and refractories. The electricity contains no electrochemical impact on the metal but merely heats it.

Current electric heaters, for the most part, are either induction furnaces or arc furnaces. A third kind, the obstruction heater, is as yet utilized in the creation of silicon carbide and electrolytic aluminum; in this sort, the heater charge (i.e., the material to be warmed) fills in as the opposition component.

In one kind of opposition furnace, the heat delivering current is presented by terminals covered in the metal. Heat likewise might be created by obstruction components coating the inside the heater.

Quality Electric Furnace Supplier

We are offering various products, especially motors including AC and DC motor, high and low voltage motor, rolling mill motor, generator, explosion-proof motor, permanent magnet motor and many others. You can check our range of products in the “Products” tab.

We Promise low support, robust development, and better proficiency. All the items are offered to our customers in fluctuated determinations and provided inside the guaranteed time. As an electric furnace supplier, we have the best in-house manufacturing framework, which is furnished with all the equipment and facilities. SEMC is an eminent producer and provider of a broad scope of imaginative Furnace.

Our range facilitates the needs of varied industries including Foundry, Aluminum & non-ferrous Metal, Heat treatment annealing, Forging, Chemical & paint, automobile, Electronic & electrical, Rubber & other industries.

So, if you need a high-quality electric furnace supplier, come to us.