Coal bed Gas Explosive-proof Permanent motor Magnet

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  • Coal bed Gas Explosive-proof Permanent motor Magnet

Coal Bed Gas Explosive-proof Permanent Motor Magnet


Coad bed gas explosive proof PM Motor


TYPLM Series motor system is an integrated device composed of explosion-proof permanent magnet motor and intelligent frequency-changed cabinet. It is a high-efficiency and energy-saving product developed for coal-bed gas and oil field screw pump unit.
This system adopts vertical hollow shaft high-efficiency permanent magnet frequency changed motor to directly drive screw pump to work, deleting reducer to reduce energy consumption and maintaining cost. It is easier and simple to be repaired.
This system has features of simple structure, easy adjustment, high efficiency and flexible anti-reverse function when power cut, machine halt, failure warning to protect workers and equipment safety. It has protection functions such as low temperature heating condensation-proof and high temperature cooling automatically, over torque, over voltage, over current. It belongs to promote popularize products.
 (Note: blowout prevent, mechanical seal, control cabinet can be made as per customer’s requirement)