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Asynchronous Motor

Basic model: YR630-10
Machine seat number: 630
Power: 500Kw


Robust Performance

This is one of the most used machines in any industry. Its design is based on industrial machines' future concepts, providing all the necessary features that you need to get your work done. It runs at a speed less than the synchronous speed that’s why this machine is called as the asynchronous Motor. This machine is manufactured using high quality materials to provide the best performance under indoor and outdoor usage. Its circuit board and rotator are well protected from rainwater, making it usable outdoors under stormy weather or other bad weather conditions.

Ideal Machine for Your Industry

These motors are constantly used in almost 90% to 95% of all well-established industries because of their excellent performance and reliability. We have further increased its reliability by making it water and dustproof, now you don’t have to worry if you are dealing with bad weather conditions. This high quality asynchronous motor requires 500 KW of electrical power to work and mainly works from the rotors magnetic field. The electric power is used to move or push the motor in the direction of the stator in order to generate magnetic field. The main reason every industrialist uses this machine because it requires less maintenance work which saves them a lot of cost on their work.

Applications Where Our Machine Is Made to Be Used

This machine is manufactured to be used in these applications

• Textiles

• Centrifugal pumps

• Blowers

• Lifting heavy objects

• Cranes

• Paper mills and factory

• Oil factories and mills

• compressors

How it is Constructed

This motor produces magnetic fields when operated but does not have any magnets inside, and the phases of the machine design is connected to a coil. It consists of a stator which is the main cause of magnetic field generation, and it works when electric power passes in the rotor that causes the rotor to move, which pushes and makes the stator rotate along with it, which causes the magnetic field to generate. This machine's rotor and stator speed are equivalent to N< NS = 120f/P.


Industrial AC machine

Number of poles: 10
Voltage: 500 to 845V
Frequency: 70HZ
Protection level: IP23