Vertical motor

Vertical motor

Industries need motors in all shapes and types because of their day-to-day applications and tasks. Vertical motors are similar in appearance to any other motors but they are built differently from a mechanical perspective. They are designed to use in areas where low inertia and variable torque are required especially in the application of pumping fluid from one place to another. They are directly connected to the equipment and exclusively mounted vertically on the platforms.

The most critical and noticeable difference between a horizontal motor and vertical motor is the size of its bearing and bearing system design. Vertical motors have single thrust bearings and a single guide bearing whereas horizontal motors have hydrodynamic bearings installed in them.

Each machine is designed to perform different and unique tasks and their performances can not be compared with one another on the basis of which is faster than the other.  Vertical motors are made to perform a task that requires to have a variable and sometimes constant torque. They are not the fastest motors but they sure are precise when it comes to pumping applications.

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