Metallurgy Parts

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Shanghai Electrical Machinery Group Co., Ltd is the remarkable wholesaler of machines and their parts in the international industrial market. Being one of the well-known wholesale metallurgy parts distributors they give free advice to their customers on what type of machine part is required to upgrade or fix their factory machines. We always care about customers that’s why we always try our level best to deliver metallurgical parts to our customers on time who are situated all over the world.

The Process Of Their Manufacturing

Some of the few but finest quality materials like steel, iron, aluminum, and bronze undergo the process of metallurgy.

Formation of Powder:

Powder formation is the main part of making high quality metallurgy parts, raw materials are turned into powder form by the process of atomization and the mix with lubricants.


This step allows the powder form materials to get moled and forged


This process allows a compacted form of raw materials to melt down in a furnace. When the metals are melted their particles get bonded to one another while maintaining their shape.

Upgrade Your Machines To Next Level

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