Induction melting furnace

Induction melting furnace

The main types of furnaces we are engaged in manufacturing and supplying our customers are • Gas aluminum melting furnace • 50t steel shell furnace • Electric furnace • Low energy consumption induction melting furnace • Open hearth furnace

The main types of industries that benefit from induction melting furnaces are • Metallurgy industries • Mechanical engineering industries • Chemicals industries • Ceramic companies And most importantly copper industries where furnaces produce liquid Cu–Fe–S matte (60–70% Cu) which then later removes sulfur and iron to make copper metal

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SEMC- Leading Induction Melting Furnace Manufacturer In China

Are you looking for best quality Induction furnace machine? Shanghai Electrical Machinery Group Co., Ltd is a well-known induction melting furnace supplier of China. We are involved in the production and distribution of top-quality melting furnaces to different parts of the world. As the leading induction melting furnace manufacturer, we offer our trade partners the most durable and highly versatile industrial furnace. We assist our customers by providing them the most suitable equipment according to their requirements and at their desired duration and destination. As the top-notch furnace provider, we have designed products proficient at heating, hardening, melting, and all other related functions.

Be The Part Of The Reputable Clientele Of A Global Induction Melting Furnace Supplier

Our best quality induction furnace is very efficient at reducing downtime and also offers easy maintenance. We are reputable in the international market as the best Induction Furnace provider in China. Our products are highly convenient and result in nonstop productivity because we are the great Melting Furnace Manufacturer. We sell our high-quality furnaces to industries such as metal refineries, aerospace industry, automotive industry, defense industry, recycling plants, silicon melting plants, and research and development industries. Our industrial furnace is versatile and can suit varied applications like induction pipe heating and welding equipment, induction furnaces that can liquefy valuable metals and other metals, and induction heating and hardening gears. If you are looking for the top-quality material and the most reliable manufacturers and dealers, then you are in the right place.

What Features Makes Us Unique in Furnace Manufacturing Industry

We are proudly serving and providing the best products to various international countries. Most international countries love to buy our industrial Furnace due to the ease it offers to users. Our customers' ease is our biggest priority, which is why we have earned the reliable melting furnace manufacturer title. Our products are improving year after year with effective additions of useful features. The supreme quality and uniqueness of our product lead to its exclusive performance. The following are some of the most outstanding features of the induction furnace we manufacture.

1. The industrial furnace we manufacture has a high melting capacity. It can melt the material as fast as less than 1 second. And the speed of our induction furnace is controllable as heating speed can be adjusted quickly.

2. The furnace we manufacture is eco-friendly as well as energy-efficient. Its thermal efficiency is over 95%, which is an ideal substitute as compared to the others.

3. As an Induction Furnace distributor, we know our customers' advanced needs and requirements; thus, we invest the time to fulfill them in the form of new and improved products.

4. Compact structure and a more substantial overload are the attributes that distinguish our advanced furnace from others.

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Being an experienced Induction Melting Furnace supplier, we go over and beyond our customers' expectations and never overlook the aspect of quality products; that is why our industrial furnace is the best of its kind and highly adopted by major metallurgy and related industries. Stop exploring other options and count on us for experiencing a hassle-free performance because we are the leading melting furnace manufacturer in the international market.