Flameproof Motor

Flameproof Motor Manufacturer of The Global Industry

Shanghai Electrical Machinery Group Co., Ltd is well recognized because of their ability to produce high quality industrials machines for their customers on monthly basis. We are very precise in manufacturing our flameproof motors and other machines and programing them so they can perform task at ideal watt and produce more output and require less manual input that’s the reason why we are earned the title of the marvelous Flameproof Motor Manufacturer. We always look after our clients by providing them our premium quality machines that will help them scale up their business.

Advantages you will get from our Flameproof Motors

• Our flameproof motors our waterproof designed to withstand high floodwaters

• Rustproof

• Flame path tolerance based on the application and intended environment

• Can work in extreme low and high temperatures

Impressive Design and Characteristics:

• Three-phase, 50HZ, 60HZ

• All Cast Iron frame

• Machined metal to metal surface between frame and terminal box

• Non-contact Seal

• Reinforced set screws

• Specified minimum values for creepage distances and clearances

• Tracking-proof isolating materials

• Six leads terminal block

Buy from The Remarkable Flameproof Motor Supplier To Get The Best Performance

We only manufacturer our flameproof motors with the finest quality raw materials so that their performance never declines under harsh temperature and weathers. We never comprise on the quality that’s is the main reason why our machines performance and output rate is high. Our customers purchase from us because of the performance of our machines that’s the reason why we are well known as one of the best flameproof motor supplier in the international market.

Our Customer Service

We being one of the trustworthy flameproof motor exporter in the global industry it’s our job to provide our customers with the best quality products that suits their business needs by giving them free advice on their purchases. We supply our products all over the world to our customers.