electric motor

electric motor

It offers a voltage frequency 1/2 to5 HP 220/380 V 50 Hz 7.5 to 30 HP 380/415 V 50Hz 40 HP to 200/380/415 V 50Hz and temperature and environmental condition -30 to 40°C Enclosed type MAX 95% RH MAX 1,000 m (IP44) in door, (IP44, IP65) Out door

We are selling one of the best quality electric motors that can also be used for indoor and outdoor use. We have engineered our motors using only the best engineers to achieve the perfect quality and ideal performance even under extreme temperatures.

SEMC – The Biggest Differentiator In China Electric Motor Manufacturer Industry

Shanghai Electrical Machinery Group Co., Ltd is a popular China electric motor manufacturer worldwide for manufacturing top-quality electric motors, which are highly applicable in appliances, such as refrigerators, fans, computer hard drives, automatic car windows, vacuum cleaners, etc. We are renowned globally for introducing the latest technologies, which have a tremendous impact on modern living. We understand all the modern needs of our customers. That is why we are called a powerful industrial motor exporter that provides a flawless experience to devices and equipment that it embeds in it. The highly advanced electric motor drives we manufacture uses more sophisticated microchips or DSP controllers to regulate and monitor motor output. We offer you the best technology at extremely budgeted rates that businesses of all scales can avail. As a professional China electric motor supplier, we never overlook the quality factor and always deliver precision-quality electric industrial motors that surpass all the national and international criteria.

Get Top-Quality Of Motors From The Leading China Electric Motor Supplier

The main advantage of high-efficiency motors is substantial drops in energy use and significant savings in rates. There are other reasons, like the variance in material quality and higher upfront costs, that need to be measured.

1. Our electric motors result in good machinery's performance and utmost precision in productivity.

2. Our well-designed and well-manufactured machines result in low power consumption, which is a rare feature that only expert manufacturers like us can provide.

3. Our productive motor asks for low maintenance made from high-quality sources from different parts of the world.

4. The speed and accuracy of our electric motor are self-explanatory.

5. All the electric motors we produce and supply go through rigorous quality control procedures, making us the best in the international market.

What Makes Us Remarkable?

SEMC is the best China electric motor manufacturer and has years of experience in producing and supplying premium quality electric motors. The motors we manufacture are highly efficient and productive in their performance and become the reason for increasing the machine's lifespan. Our company is equipped with well-trained professionals and highly skilled workers dedicated to our work to provide our customers the best quality products worldwide. That’s why we have earned the name of the remarkable China electric motor supplier in the global market. We offer you the most versatile variety of electric motors in different sizes appropriate for your machines. With substantial international demand, we offer our customers the services they deserve. None of our clients have faced any problems in their personal experience of our product and service they invest in. The shipments to the world are never delayed; in fact, you always receive the cargo on time and in excellent conditions. Also, the rates are market-competitive to make your purchasing experience better.

Get An Efficient And Inexpensive Locomotive Solution Of Electric Motor

As a leading China electric motor manufacturer, we always stay ahead of others by providing electric motors that involve energy efficiency advantages. This efficiency is remarkable for locomotive and various other industries easing users from high energy consumption costs. We have been using industry certified methods to supply our electric motor.