AC Motor

AC Motor

It is an alternating current producing machine a viable power source for a range of applications due to being a flexible and efficient power source for the industrial base operations

People who own a factory or industrial project makes up 90% of the people who usually are interested in buying these motors because these motors are the best power source for their work

China AC Motor Manufacturer- SEMC Deals in All Kinds of Industrial Machines  

Shanghai Electrical Machinery Group Co., Ltd is the leading and top demanding china ac motor manufacturer in the international market. We are a well-experienced and well-trained group of manufacturers who are engaged in the manufacturing and supply of AC motors. As a professional china ac motor supplier, we provide you the AC motors, which are highly efficient in performance and low in cost. Our product's durability is guaranteed as we are considered the most reliable dealers in the national and international markets. As the renowned AC Motor distributor in the international market, we are OEM and ODM certified and can confidently assure all our customers regarding the best performance of our product. We are segmented into different departments for the provision of high-quality ac motors. We never give up on any aspect of our production and supply process; thus, we have gained recognition in the market as the best manufacturers of industrial-grade machines and their parts. Whether it is quality, price, or services, we never compromise on any factor for the maximum satisfaction of our customers.

Get High Performance Motors from The Leading China AC Motor Manufacturer

AC motor manufacturer like us always guarantees you with superior quality and outstanding performance machines that are well tested to give your industry the edge it needs to be successful. We manufacture our machines using only the best quality raw materials so it can perform well under nonideal situations and require less maintenance work on a monthly basis. 

1. Our AC motor is exceptionally proficient at alternating current, and it is much sturdy and does not need much repair and maintenance during application.

2. The alternating current of the AC motor is perceptible to rapid conversions, which direct current by utilizing rectifiers.

3. These motors are highly flexible and easy to manage, and we deliver it to our customers with care because we are the best China ac motor supplier.

4. Our machine is excelling in so many ways and provides good acceleration control to the users.

5. The AC motors we produce also offer capabilities of multi-phase configurations.


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As a professional china ac motor manufacturer and industry leader in the global market, we provide a high quality of our AC motors suitable for most applications. The robust ac motors we manufacture and supply are known for their durability and lifetime of the machine. With the assistance of our motor, the machine runs with enhanced accuracy and precision. Moreover, we deliver our products at very affordable market prices. To become a top priority of our customers, we never leave our single client unsatisfied and always deliver in the quality and commitments that we do with our clients. Our company is highly honored in the international market as a premium quality china ac motor supplier because we are a very few companies that provide motors with customization supply options.

Our Ultra-Powered Ac Motors Are Enough to Take Your Business to The Next Level 

As a leading China AC motor manufacturer, we produce motors and their parts that are ideal in performance. Our motors torque and speed is constant even under low voltages and fluctuations, which is the main characteristic of our machine which has impressed many of our customers.