Induction Furnace- mold your metals your way!

Induction Furnace- mold your metals your way!

Often when we find things and accessories in the form of keychains, decorative items, jewelry that is usually made up of metal with unique colors and very eye-catching designs. Such amazing things seem very attractive to us, and we often strive to buy them. Though these products appear to be made up of metal, we usually do not know that a natural metal could be very expensive and yet so soft that it cannot be molded into different shapes. And to make the metals capable enough to be developed into beautiful and attractive bodies, we need to use alloys.

Alloys are a mixture of 2-3 types of metals that are often added in a specific ratio in order to obtain a new kind of metal; it is done in order to strengthen the metal or to add the properties of a particular type of metal, an example of it could be seen in the form of pure aluminum, which is a comparatively a softer metal. In the same way, pure copper is also quite delicate as it cannot be molded into such shapes ad it can break. To add strength, aluminum is mixed with copper, forming an alloy of power that is very much durable compared to the ones that are involved in manufacturing. There are various other essential examples of alloys; some common ones are:

• Steel

• Nichrome

• Bronze

• Brass

• Solder

Uses of Allows

These alloys are used to serve various purposes, some of which are:

• For making decorative items.

• Making statues and medals.

• Used in weapon-making.

• Used in making household items.

• used in high tensile blade making in grinders, blenders, and juicers.

• The amalgam of an alloy is also used in numerous medical activities. 

• Also, cookware cutlery, appliances like refrigerators and gas stoves, and surgical instruments use stainless alloy.

To melt the metals to mix these ferrous and non-ferrous alloys in the molten form, one must provide a very high temperature. 

Need of Induction Furnace 

Maintaining high temperatures at standard conditions is not easy; one needs special requirements to sustain such high temperatures. It is possible to maintain a high temperature in only one way: to use an Induction Melting Furnace. It is an electrical furnace device in which the heat is applied by induction heating of metals. As it becomes like a chamber, it can maintain high temperatures.

Advantages of Induction Furnaces

Induction Melting Furnace suppliers have furnaces that vary in size; however, they are helpful for melting metals like gold, silver, copper, aluminum, silicon, brass, zinc, steel, and iron. They are not very big. Thus, they do not require a huge space to function, making them ideal for industries of all sizes. They are also considered to be more eco-friendly than the other alternatives. Being an energy-efficient source, they are great for an industry that wants to reduce its carbon footprint and produce energy-efficient. They are famous for having less burn loss and producing high yields, which makes automation more accessible.