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Welcome to Shanghai Electric

Shanghai Electrical Machinery Group Co., Ltd. (SEMC Group) is one of the most famous enterprise groups in China and is pro in manufacturing various equipment. With our hard work and dedication, we have maintained our position in the international industry. We offer you the most versatile variety of motors and machines that will make any of your tasks much easier. The list includes melting furnaces, power stations, metallurgical equipment, continuous casting machines, steel mills, steel rolling mills, heavy-duty motors, power transmission Power distribution, heavy industry, rail transportation essentials, mechatronics equipment, machine gears, environmental protection, elevators, printing machinery, and many other industrial objects. We focus on different sectors, like manufacturing design, product development, equipment fabrication, engineering complete sets, and technical services to manufacturing the most durable and long-lasting machine. We are renowned for introducing the most innovative technologies and machinery that meets the demands of most of the industries. We are corporate of well-trained and well-skilled manufacturers with years of experience in this field.

The top-notch products manufactured by the Shanghai Electrical Machinery Group, include AC motors, DC motors, Metallurgical equipment, elevators, printing machinery, and different machine tools. We provide you with heavy equipment with high strength, excellent power transmission, great efficiency, and clean energy.

Shanghai Electrical proudly announce that we are considered the leading machine brands of China as in the selection of "Top 500 Asian Brands." We have become the top-ranked manufacturers as the Shanghai Electrical Machinery Group ranked sixth for Asian machinery brands and ranked first for Chinese machinery brands.

Shanghai Electrical Machinery Group has founded a scientific and technological innovation system comprised of the Central Research Institute, the research institutes allied to the group, and enterprise technology centers. This is to assure you that we guarantee to introduce you to the high-tech and latest machinery. After research and development, our main focus is on our production and quality assurance. We now have 5 national-level technology centers and 15 Shanghai-level technology centers.

We have made this wide platform for the convenience of our trade partners.  We aid financial services to the group companies. We are based on the traditional deposit and loan business for the assistance of our customers. It eventually cultivates a variety of businesses such as asset management, investment banking, insurance, and leasing. We put all our efforts to offer effective personalized financial services to our corporate clients.